Manage your patients from Smartphones and Tablets.


Save time and improve your work.

The app is easy to use, immediate, and guarantees a professional guideline in patient history and treatment. A small investment for a great work tool.

Your patients always with you.

No more patient information lost. No more folds of paper messed up in the office. Stop with long and unnecessary medical assesment. Osteopostural is the first app for smartphone and tablet that allows the therapist to evaluate the patient from a postural and osteopathic point of view. The app was designed by osteopaths to provide an easy-to-use tool for a clear and quick medical assesment, allowing the therapist to work in a unique and professional way. The app provides a guideline composed of multiple postural tests and patterns to locate a possible pathologies or dysfunctions of the patient for a quick and effective medical assesment. With a simple click and in a few seconds the therapist will consult the patient list and all visits available.

Osteopathic Assesment.

Identifying osteopathic dysfunctions with osteopostural will no longer be a problem. The therapist will have the possibility to select all the anatomical areas on the graphic interface with the relative dysfunctions. A simple and innovative way to simplify the medical assesment and solve the patient’s problems.

Muscular / kinesiological assesment.

in this section there are all the muscles treated in applied Kinesiology gathered in anatomical districts for a quick consultation. The organ-muscle association is present. Possibility to include the report in digital or paper pdf.

In OsteoPostural there are over 1000 orthopedic and neurological tests.

Quick consultation with a simple selection of the anatomical area of ​​interest. Possibility to include the report in digital or paper pdf.